A Castle of Books

Refer a friend program


Copy the information below and email it to your friends, if they sign up for the email list and include your information as well as their own, you will BOTH get a coupon for a FREE book.


Print out this page, and fill out your information in the top section, pass it along to your friends and have them fill out their information in the bottom section. When they bring it into the store they will get a FREE book immediately, and you will receive a coupon for a FREE book in your email.





Your Name: ______________________________________


Your email address: ______________________________


Your Address: ____________________________________





Friends Name: ______________________________________


Friends email address: ______________________________


Friends Address: ____________________________________



FREE book offer is for one mass market paperback novel to $3.95 in value and must be redeemed in person at the store.


A Castle of Books

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A man's home is his Castle.
A house without books is like a room without windows.